A fearless architect

An extraordinary man of immense vision, Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971), is the essence of Danish design. Intrepid in his ideals, his early architectural designs were seen as rather avant-garde, but with housing and public buildings badly needed after World War II (he escaped deportation by rowing himself across the water to Sweden), he was able to exercise his progressive and characteristic beliefs. 


Aside from the Munkegaard School, he also designed the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen (from ashtrays to furniture), the renowned Aarhus City Hall, the Bellevue Theatre, and the Royal Danish Embassy in London, to name but a few. But despite his individual impact on architecture, today Arne Jacobsen is mostly remembered for his furniture and chair design. 


Arne Jacobsen portrait

His bold and distinctive designs, almost all of which have pushed design in to new territory with their often offbeat aesthetics, are today permanently held by museums, prized by collectors and loved by people through the generations. It’s his audacious originality that makes Arne Jacobsen such an icon, and his chair designs so immediately arresting.


Arne Jacobsen’s Munkegaard chair is the embodiment of his visionary design, and HOWE’s engineering expertise. 


Danish design by HOWE
Danish design chairs
Design chairs from HOWE
Sustainable chair by Arne Jacobsen