Think green

Things have changed since the 1950s. We’ve grown wise to our impact on our planet and the fact that what we do, how we live, and what we buy all have direct effects on the world we live in. Green thinking and sustainability are implicit elements of a modern lifestyle that show awareness, intelligence, and empathy to our surroundings. 

Arne Jacobsen design chair
Eco-friendly chair
HOWE Munkegaard chair
Arne Jacobsen chair

Green on the inside

This is why we’ve taken the original Munkegaard chair and added our 21st century expertise. The chair is designed for disassembly (which means it can be easily disassembled into individual parts for recycling), is FSC certified, and uses Chrome3, a more environmentally friendly chrome solution. What we’ve created is an environmentally aware chair, one that retains the aesthetics of the original but now has the sustainability that every design today should have. 

At HOWE we push green thinking into all that we do, from reducing our natural resource consumption, to using the finest sustainable materials and methods in our engineering and designs. We know that to create a sustainable chair you don’t need to compromise on material or aesthetics – green design is smart design, and smart design is bold, pioneering, and authentic. Much like Arne Jacobsen’s chairs.