Original innovation

At HOWE we believe in originality. We look for ground-breaking designs that break the mold. That’s why we hold the masters of modernist design – like Arne Jacobsen – in such high regard. We know that their once controversial designs will be remembered over the years and still make heads turn years later. 


Mosquito chair by Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen’s Munkegaard chair is exactly that: it’s a bold design that still makes people look twice. But while the design remains timeless, the individual components were out-dated. Today, we have far more materials and knowledge at our fingertips than Arne Jacobsen had in 1955. At HOWE, we knew that we could apply our engineering skills and our construction techniques to the Munkegaard chair – without changing the aesthetics. We’ve brought a 1950s original up-to-date, making it greener and tougher than ever before, and making it what is today: a new classic for the 21st century.  


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HOWE Munkegaard chair