It's bold, and it's back

The Munkegaard chair, also known as the Mosquito chair, is a different kind of chair. It’s a daring, in your face, couldn’t-care-less chair. Sure, it might be a sharp and original design, but it’s also a chair that isn’t afraid to say just sit down. It’s this bravado that sets it apart from the rest, and makes it so attractive to us. It’s not about “look, but don’t touch”, and it’s not about being put on a pedestal (although you’d be excused for thinking it deserves it): the Munkegaard chair demands to be sat on.  


Mosquito is a Danish design chair

By taking the original Munkegaard chair and adding our cutting-edge expertise, we’ve brought an already bold and collectable Arne Jacobsen design into the 21st century, making it far greener, and far more durable, but without altering the looks. 


Mosquito by Arne Jacobsen
Munkegaard chair
Arne Jacobsen design chair
Danish design chairs
Mosquito is a Danish design chair

Surprisingly practical

Only in production from 1955 to the late 1960s (and for a brief period in the 1990s), the distinctive chair has its roots in the Munkegaard School, north of Copenhagen, Denmark. The entire school – from building to light fixtures – was designed by Arne Jacobson in 1955-57, and like much of the school, the chair stands as a monument to Arne Jacobsen’s vision of using strong architectural design to create intimacy and wellbeing.

In the classroom, Arne Jacobsen’s Munkegaard chair provided simple functionality and – for the children in the classroom – an unseen aesthetic quality. Today, however, in the boardroom or dining room, the chair lends distinction, strength and charm, making the statement of individuality it was always meant to.